10-12 March 2025 | IFEMA - Madrid

Hotel Trends

Hotel Trends is the annual innovation summit for the hotel industry held as part of HIP | Hospitality Innovation Planet.


A forum that will bring together the most important managers and experts in the hotel sector to analyze the latest trends that are occurring in the hospitality market.


While some of the investor interest in hotel assets has been marked by caution, the global lodging segment is expected to continue to rebound and fully recover by 2024.


Hotel Trends will analyze the good health of the industry in Spain, and how it has invested to maintain the quality of the plant, and how foreign capital is attentive to the opportunities that may arise.


In addition, we will know what are the opportunities and trends in digital in the Leisure sector, the main challenges for businesses in their branding and storytelling strategies, the Customer Experience and segmentation as pillars of the digital project and the evolution of the concept of web project to digital project and now to digital experience.

Hotel Trends Customer Experience & Marketing

In this day we will reimagine the Tourism sector inspired by the main leaders in the hospitality, gastronomy, destinations and MICE sectors.


We have organized 4 thematic conferences with a selection of WOW projects that stand out for their creativity, innovation and excellence in the entire customer experience:


At WOW Hospitality, we will bring together visionaries from the hospitality industry to motivate young entrepreneurs and professionals in the sector, and explore the latest trends in hospitality. We will discover innovative concepts that are reshaping the industry landscape, from sustainable practices and cutting-edge technology integration, to personalized services that leave a lasting impression.


At WOW Restaurants, we will bring together representatives from establishments that are changing the paradigm of the customer experience in the sector, betting on creativity, innovation and talent to go beyond service.


In WOW MICE, we will bring together leading professionals, event organizers and brands to learn firsthand how it has been transformed after the pandemic and the emergence of disruptive technologies.


Finally, we will have the WOW Destinations track, which will bring together a selection of the best success stories of destinations that have managed to create 360º omnichannel user experiences, in order to position themselves in line with a strategy of excellence and quality.


We will share success stories, discuss ideas, inspirations and resources to reimagine and transform the world of tourism into a more attractive sector for talent and entrepreneurship.


Be part of this conversation that is shaping the future of Tourism towards Leisure, where strategy, creativity, innovation and talent come together in an exceptional customer experience.