Welcome to the Innovation Planet

10-12 March 2025 | IFEMA - Madrid

HIP, the annual Horeca innovation event

We are immersed in a historic and disruptive moment for the hospitality industry worldwide due to the coincidence of several factors. Many hospitality businesses have had to reinvent themselves and others will have to do so in the coming months in order to survive, attract and retain customers who are changing their priorities, moments and places of consumption. We must be prepared for a new Horeca that must compete to lead the moments of consumption of customers by offering maximum security and a unique experience to get customers to come to their establishments.



Digitalization has generated an omnichannel hospitality industry, virtualizing our business and moving the experience to wherever the customer wants. We have new tools to be able to perform better management and decision making, as well as systematize processes to be more efficient and provide value to our customers. We must be ready to lead and take advantage of a new stage in which vision, anticipation, communication, flexibility, solidity in operations, management capacity and speed in decision making will be key to the future of our business.



HIP – Horeca Professional Expo is the largest innovation meeting during 3 days a year, where the keys to success are shown to entrepreneurs and professionals in the sector who want to lead the new Horeca.



A space where to be inspired to establish the strategy that will take each hospitality business to a new dimension thanks to a unique content, a multitude of case studies implemented in hospitality businesses around the world along with the latest innovations offered by the industry and the best networking to establish collaborations and alliances.



A unique opportunity for the most innovative companies in the sector to showcase products and solutions that provide a differential value in the best possible ecosystem for it.