10-12 marzo 2025 | IFEMA - MADRID

Service robotics: Navigating the future, today

Tue 20 Feb | 12:45 - 13:00

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Discover the future of service at the ‘Foodservice Robotics Pioneers’ summit with Fares Habib, CEO of Robotiques Cyborg, presenting the keynote ‘Service Robotics: Navigating the Future, Today’. Fares will unveil the revolutionary ‘Mars’, the latest high-performance robot, set to transform the service industry. This presentation will spotlight Robotiques Cyborg’s innovation and give an analytical look at evolving trends and the forthcoming evolution in service robotics. Experience this deep dive into how robotics will redefine foodservice excellence.

Fares Habib

Fares Habib


Robotiques Cyborg

Francisco Javier Martin

Francisco Javier Martin

Gerente de campo

Keenon Robotics