10-12 March 2025 | IFEMA - Madrid

Mass Catering Summit 2020 aims to give visibility and prominence to projects, national and international expansion plans, and investments in a sector as strategic as that of the communities, which invoices in Spain more than 3,000 million euros per year (excluding air catering) 3.5 million meals are served daily and directly employs about 80,000 people (DBK).

A scenario in which large groups continue to develop new concepts and bet on investments in new technologies and the improvement of their productive centers and real-time services that provide quality of the meal experience, with a healthy eating approach with innovative and balanced menus incorporating teams of dietitians and nutritionists for this.

The session is structured around the most impactful trends of the main catering and catering operators that provide services in hospitals, residences, schools and institutions such as:

Business: new concepts and opportunities
Production: food security and resource expenditure in poorly conceptualized kitchens, without a hygienic and productive design, sustainability with the environment and sustainability with respect to health in professional kitchens;
Technology: the importance of using new technologies, especially with the objective of being connected with users (parents in the case of school canteens, for example).