10-12 March 2025 | IFEMA - Madrid

Smart Kitchens 

The restaurant industry is changing with the irruption of new technologies.

This transformation affects all areas, but especially production (kitchens), from small and medium-sized companies to large hotel groups, generating new business formats such as dark kitchens and delivery chains.An accelerated change that requires us to respond to the challenges of obtaining a better organization, process optimization, higher profitability and, in short, improved productivity.

In this context of continuous evolution of the sector, knowledge of new techniques and methodologies is even more necessary, with the ability to innovate and develop strategies to achieve the company’s objectives and meet customer requirements. This includes the control of critical points, prevention and hygiene plans in the workplace and food safety.

In this Summit we will address central issues ranging from kitchen organization, cost and time savings, to responses to inflation in purchases derived from the international context. An unavoidable reality. There is no feasibility of today’s businesses that cannot adapt to such a changing scenario without optimizing production processes, workflows and profit margins.

Great chefs, restaurant groups and hoteliers will tell us how they have transformed their kitchens in recent years and how they have achieved greater profitability as a result.

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