10-12 March 2025 | IFEMA - Madrid

Executive Chef's Club

Executive Chef's Club

In this edition, together with the CIB, the Culinary Institute of Barcelona, we have designed a new Summit, aimed at chefs, executive chefs, restaurant managers and industry professionals, all of them with inquiring minds, to analyze how to deal with the constant and increasingly rapid changes that affect the management of kitchens and their teams.


Experienced professionals will share with the audience their own success stories and will discuss in round tables all those issues that day to day life raises in their businesses, so that you can apply them in your workplace.


We will address the transition to the new era dominated by artificial intelligence. What should our positioning and attitude be to achieve the maximum benefits from this revolutionary technology?


Immersed in an unstable scenario in many ways, adapting to change is imperative. Chefs of different profiles will explain in detail their adaptation strategies: How do they deal with personnel management, nowadays very sensitive to family reconciliation? What decisions are they taking to minimize the deterioration of the planet, is the so-called green transition real? Is globalization a threat or an opportunity? How to make digitalization your best ally?


The responsibilities of the executive chef are many: creating, innovating, managing teams, deciding on investments, choosing suppliers, organizing production, interacting with other departments… Without a doubt, the correct management of all these tasks and the implementation of rigorous processes must guarantee the efficiency and profitability of the business, with quality being the differentiating factor. We will address models that work in different scenarios and that guarantee profitability and quality equally.