Dining Room Management

The revolution in the dining room was born in 2019 to highlight the value of professionals in the dining room. For this reason, the first Summit aimed at professionals and managers of the catering sector was inaugurated at HIP, one of the most important events in the HORECA world at European level. Led by AMYCE and promoted by Linkers, Hosteleo and Aplus, the movement was born to promote the role of the professionals who lead the dining room.

Revolución en Sala starts with a revolutionary design and messages; moving from the revolution of the Sala in 2020 to the adaptation of the room due to the pandemic in 2021 and finally the regeneration last Summit in 2022.

In 2023 we do not want the revolution to remain just words, but will be focused on the creation of the room concept How to develop a successful room concept? Leading experts in the industry will talk about how to create ideas that develop a concept and storytelling that connects with the new type of public that is looking for new aesthetic and functional experiences. We will discover how to implement the new trends in the dining room; new consumption habits, 360 experiences, contact between chef and client… The gastronomy concept model is changing and we will discover it in the revolution in the dining room 2023.