Digital Agenda & Marketing

For hotels and accommodations

This new bet that we make in HIP is interesting for any businessman that is dedicated to the tourist accommodation of travelers. Not only hotels but also campsites, resorts, hostels and other related models. During this summit you will learn the most current strategies, tools and trends to take your business to the next level.

You will learn how to apply marketing strategies to get on the first page of Google and stand out from your competition. You will know how to make successful communication and sales strategies through email marketing, Whatsapp and Telegram, you will know what type of marketing works best for the accommodation sector and you will discover what the future holds in the debate on Metaverse, Web3, BlockChain.

You will be able to enjoy this Digital Hotel Marketing space with different round tables, face-to-face debates, interviews and many more surprises.

Don’t expect more of the same, at the Hotel Digital Marketing Summit, we will see the latest trends and developments in strategies and tools that will help you get more bookings, sales and customers.

For restaurants

The digital transformation of companies in the HORECA sector is a reality, but there are still many businesses that operate in a traditional way and therefore are not taking advantage of new technologies to improve their operations, sales, customer loyalty, etc.

In this Summit we will learn about different existing resources to digitize the establishments and give digital tools to the HORECA sector to work faster and more efficiently, achieve cost savings, automate tasks, better manage the business, get more sales, personnel management, increase profitability, etc.

We must not forget that we live in the era of searching for products and experiences through the Internet and especially social networks. Customers spend more than 6 hours a day surfing the net and this is a great opportunity for HORECA establishments to be found by the millions of consumers who are currently searching for the products and services they sell.

We will also see in this Summit the trends in digital marketing for restaurants and tourism companies, what types of strategies are the most effective, we will discuss whether influencer marketing is positive or not and what success stories can inspire us. You will see the importance of using Copywriting and Storytelling in your texts to persuade the customer.

You will learn how digital marketing helps you get more sales, improve online positioning and get on the first page of Google, how you can effectively use influencer marketing and social networks to stand out from your competition.

Knowing and learning how to digitize a company is vital in 2023 even more if we want to optimize all resources due to inflation and possible crises that threaten the future.