10-12 March 2025 | IFEMA - Madrid

Asian Food Summit by UDON

UDON and HIP are teaming up for the second Asian Food Summit, a space dedicated to the healthy, balanced and nutritious character of Asian cuisine, one of the most popular among consumers. Apart from being a very juicy cuisine, rich in nuances, it has numerous nutritional advantages. Asian cuisine, one of the healthiest in the world.

The cuisine that conquers the world

Asian food is going through one of its best moments in Spain. The catering concepts that have opted for this cuisine have found in franchising a perfect ally for their growth in our country, with renewed offers from ultra-casual food in airport outlets to deep-dive dishes and great in-person experience. And there is no shortage of independent entrepreneurs who have also based their gastronomic offerings on oriental flavors and culinary culture, seducing a new generation of diners. This summit will delve into the challenge of bringing Asian cuisine -Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Chinese…- to the world, in new formats with the genuine flavors and experiences that consumers are looking for and with sustainable business models. In addition to the appeal of its flavors and textures among domestic consumers, the nutritional advantages of its recipes, with a strong emphasis on vegetables, and the low fat content of most of its dishes have made Asian cuisine one of the most sought-after cuisines in the world and one of the most recommended by nutritionists. Its culmination is the visual and exotic power usually associated with the spaces, tableware or plating that make Asian cuisine a deliciously Instagrammable gastronomy.

During the day will be held the final of the Asian Culinary Awards, the reference contest of Asian recipes in Spain.

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