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Take the stage of Hospitality 4.0 Congress Increase your influence in the Horeca sector together with more than 450 international experts and share your leadership vision, ideas, innovative solutions and success stories with more  than 25,000 entrepreneurs and executives in the sector who seek to reinvent and optimize their hospitality businesses.

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We are looking for entrepreneurs, companies, social innovators, research centers, universities, public or non-governmental organizations, consortiums (public-private) and professionals with innovative ideas, research, analysis, studies, visions and solutions for innovation in the Horeca sector in some of the following categories.

> Topics

· New/ reinvented business models:

New concepts and innovative, scalable, profitable and sustainable business models in any of the following segments of the Horeca channel: franchises, groups or collective catering, bars and coffee shops. specific models of food on demand (dark kitchens, cook rooms, logistics …), new gastronomic spaces such as restaurants in hotels, airports, shopping centers, food courts or outdoor spaces that provide a new proposal for the client for its gastronomic offer or its uniqueness, hotels and restaurants spaces where technology occupies a priority part of the experience, or in which the technology or the digital application have a key relevance for operations or marketing.

· Digitalization

Companies whose products or services are based on technology with the aim of improving the customer experience: technological products or services that improve the management of hospitality businesses in one of these areas: sales and Revenue, marketing, operations, purchases, human resources and customer experience; solutions or systems focused on data analytics for decision making: big data, small data, business intelligence; artificial intelligence and robotic applied to logistic, distribution, production, customer service; domotic solutions for hotels and other establishments to improve customer experience.

· Sustainability

Business models, products or services that are aligned with sustainable development in: sustainable business models with outstanding facilities / infrastructure and sustainability / circular economy policies; corporate or institutional improvement programs for people (teams); initiatives to improve the customer experience through the incorporation of more sustainable practices.

· Health Safety & Hygiene

Improvements and innovations in processes, solutions and systems to guarantee hygiene and health safety: domotic and contactless solutions; products and disinfection and cleaning systems; hygiene and health safety consultancy and audit.

· innovative Horeca Solutions

• Food & Beverage Solutions: Food or drinks that offer differential value.
• Smart Kitchens & Equipment: machinery and equipment with latest technology that facilitate greater connectivity, energy efficiency, usability and homogeneity and quality in production.
• Design & Experience: furniture, kitchenware, textiles or other decorative elements that provide a unique and differential environment and experience.
• Take away & delivery: Innovative and sustainable packaging solutions that allow maintaining the quality of products during transport until consumption.

> Deadlines to take in consideration

The deadlines to take in consideration are:

  • Proposals entry Deadline: 14th January 2022
  • Selected proposals confirmation deadline: confirmations will be on 28th January 2022
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