Mexico, guest country partner

10-12 March 2025 | IFEMA - Madrid

Mexico is known for its rich and diverse culinary culture. Mexican gastronomy is recognized worldwide and has been declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. Mexican dishes, such as tacos, tamales, enchiladas, mole, guacamole and many more, are appreciated for their unique and authentic flavor. In addition, each region has its own distinctive gastronomic offerings, based on local ingredients and traditional techniques. From the fresh seafood of the coast to the spicy flavors of the interior, Mexico offers a wide variety of culinary options.


It is a major tourist destination for both domestic and international visitors. Tourists go to Mexico not only for its beautiful beaches, archaeological sites and natural landscapes, but also for its food. Many visitors seek to experience authentic Mexican cuisine and enjoy the traditional and modern restaurants the country has to offer.


In addition, Mexico’s hospitality industry has experienced significant growth in recent years. The country has seen an increase in the opening of new restaurants, boutique hotels, resorts and other hospitality-related establishments. This has generated an increased demand for industry professionals and has contributed to Mexico’s recognition as an important center for hospitality.


Although the Horeca sector in Mexico has great potential, it also faces challenges. These can include competition, high operating costs, government regulations, and the need to maintain high standards of quality and service. However, there are also opportunities for growth, especially in areas such as sustainable tourism, the promotion of regional food, and the adoption of technology to improve efficiency and customer experience.


For all these reasons, Mexico has become a guest country at HIP 2024.