19-21 FEBRERO 2024
  • 19/02/2019
  • 10:00 - 10:05
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During multiple keynotes, interviews and discussion tables, the HOTEL TRENDS Agenda will discuss the most current issues of the Industry and how the combined forces of technology, demography and globalization are transforming organizations of all types in all industries, consolidating the hospitality industry as a pioneer engine of change and the economic and social transformation of destinations and communities around the planet. This dynamic drives the growth of investment in the hotel industry and innovation in products and services, while the technological transformation and new social habits derived from a new economy generate new business models in an environment, where innovation and transformation are key to generate brand awareness and increase the economic impact. We will also analyze the process of digital transformation in the hotel industry. Have you ever wondered what the hotels of the future will look like? Can you imagine what the travel experience will be like in 25, 30 … or 40 years? The market evolves rapidly and in recent years the level of demand is growing, how should hotels innovate? What should be your proposal to attract more customers? The sector of the hotel industry has been forced to reinvent itself in order to provide the guest with something more than a pleasant stay. In the Digital Transformation session, we will envision what the hotel of the future will be like through the main trends of the sector in robotics, virtual reality, user experience, artificial intelligence, chatboots, virtual assistant, electronic key … and to face the DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION … WITHOUT DYING IN THE ATTEMPT as one of the main challenges that the hotel sector has to face, which is not only necessary to modernize and be more competitive, but also to establish a digital relationship with the client and offer a user experience incorporating the latest technologies.