19-21 FEBRUARY 2018

Hotel World

Hotel World

Hotel World

The digital revolution has led to a huge change of travelling and new ways to choose accommodation. Hotels have the opportunity to become the key point of the traveler’s experience. To do that, they must innovate and adapt all the time in order to surprise and satisfy the preferences of the visitors.

Hotel World is the “place to be” where the professionals of the hospitality world will find the latest trends and news to innovate. It is divided into the following areas:

Kitchen & Equipment Area

Large equipment (kitchens, cold and exposure) for all areas of F&B from the hotel, offering opportunities for improvement in conservation, preparation and presentation of food, waste disposal and greater efficiency.

〉 Textile & Uniforms

Uniformity has become one of the main distinguishing elements of each settlement, which in addition to positively impact the customer, has added comfort for the employee.

〉 Non Food & Packaging Solutions

The best packaging and amenities to surprise guests’ rooms, bar, restaurants and hotel areas.

〉 Wellbeing Space

The pace of life makes customers look at the business hotel or holiday as a source of vital recovery. Therefore, the world of the wellness and fitness, bath & pool goes one step further and plays a very prominent role with global innovative concepts and solutions.

〉 Studio Interiors & Lightning

The latest trends in design and comfort of furniture, interior design, decoration and materials environmentally sustainable to create different environments and experiences unique to each settlement area (lobbies, terraces, bedrooms, etc).

〉 Global Sustainability

Energy efficiency, management of resources, care for the surroundings and the environment as the social action to benefit the immediate surroundings are the key to the distinction that the hospitality industry is fulfilling.

〉 Cleaning & Laundry Solutions

Machinery, products, systems, and internal or external solutions for the hotel.