24 - 26 FEB 2020
Feria Madrid

Digital Gastronomy & Hospitality Startup Forum

Digital Gastronomy & Hospitality Startup Forum

HIP 2019 – Horeca Professional Expo is a gathering at IFEMA in Madrid (February 18th – 20th 2019) dedicated to innovation, digital transformation and emerging trends in the hospitality and food service industries (HORECA) where LABe – Digital Gastronomy Lab, an initiative by Basque Culinary Center will host the Digital Gastronomy & Hospitality Startup Forum: a showcase for synergizing and networking with a global, yet specialized, audience, including business leaders, potential partners and investors, and young entrepreneurs.
This forum is looking for disruptive and emerging projects that will impact both the back and front-offices of gastronomy and hospitality in the future: technology like big data, data analysis, artificial intelligence, IoT, robotics and other new equipment, automation, 3D-printing of food and other products, blockchain, mixed reality, etc.

If you’ve got innovative solutions, here is your opportunity to present your project to the sector’s leading companies, potential partners and specialized investors.

Main Areas / Sectors

  • Innovative kitchen and dining room machinery and equipment
  • Virtual and augmented reality
  • Indoor farming
  • 3D food printing
  • IoT – Internet of Things
  • Enhanced customer experiences (accessories, music, services, personalized gastronomy)
  • Distribution, logistics and traceability (transparency, information)
  • Food delivery & On Demand
  • Gastro-Tourism
  • Smart restaurants and establishments (management, operations, inventory, suppliers, waste management, business intelligence, energy efficiency, personnel training, marketing, finance, customer knowledge & management)
  • Connectivity (platforms, browsing, orders, reservations, payments, loyalty)


The Digital Gastronomy & Hospitality Startup Forum by LABe – Digital Gastronomy Lab offers selected projects an opportunity to:

  • Introduce and increase visibility of your company, your products or services before an international audience in the elevator pitch format (in English or Spanish).
  • Connect with the global innovation ecosystem of gastronomy and hospitality.
  • Find partners to develop your project.
  • Become a candidate for the HORECA Business Awards.
  • Become a candidate for the LABe – Digital Gastronomy Lab accelerator program in 2019.
  • Become a candidate for the Gastronomy Tourism Tech Adventures 2019 by World Tourism Organization (UNTWO) & Basque Culinary Center.
  • Get a VIP pass to HIP Expo 2019 (valued at €300).


  • The deadline to submit project proposals is January 31, 2019 (23:59 CET) THE CALL IS CLOSED!!
  • Project submissions will be evaluated February 1 – 4, 2019
  • Selected projects will receive notification as of February 4, 2019
  • Selected projects will participate in the Digital Gastronomy & Hospitality Startup Forum by LABe – Digital Gastronomy Lab on February 20, 2019
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